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The Institute is primarily focused on certification activities previously managed by NACE International. In 2011, NACE International was informed by legal counsel that changes in U.S. tax law specific to nonprofit organizations require that NACE International establish an independent organization to manage future certification activities.  This led to the formation of the NACE International Institute. 

Certification activities were previously managed (and developed) by members of NACE International.  It follows that those members would still have interest in engaging in future certification programs. Thus, NACE International and the Institute grant dual membership to all members of NACE International (each person may elect to opt out).

If you do not wish to have dual membership in NACE International and the NACE International Institute please visit or contact a member of the NACE First Service team at or +1 281-228-6200.  


To apply or find out more information about membership with the NACE International Institute, please contact FirstService.



Two Easy Ways to Contact FirstService

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Membership in the Institute is also available to persons who are not members of NACE International, by contacting FirstService.

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