General Coatings Program

Certified Coating Applicator

The Certified Coating Applicator certification is designed for experienced industrial coatings applicators. By achieving the Certified Coating Applicator certification, candidates will have a formal, industry recognized certification demonstrating their skills and knowledge to customers and employers.

Protective Coating Technician

The Protective Coating Technician has at least 1-3 years of work experience and has successfully completed the PCS 1 - Basic Principles course and the Basic Corrosion course OR has successfully completed the Protective Coating Technician exam with training equivalent to PCS 1 - Basic Principles and Basic Corrosion.

S-CAT Technician

Encompasses a knowledge of coatings, corrosion, and corrosion control for assessing the condition of tanks and other military ship structures, to help maintain full operational status.


Coating Applicator Examiner Qualification

NII is looking for experienced applicators who are interested in becoming a Coating Applicator Examiner.

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