Exam Development Opportunities

The NACE Institute is looking for field volunteers to take part in the Certification Exam Development and update process.

What are the responsibilities of a volunteer?

  • • Job Task Analysis
  • • Group Item writing/review
  • • Beta/Pilot Testing
  • • Standard Setting

How is a volunteer selected?

  • • Volunteers must represent the variation in the work setting
    • o Region, country, language, and cultural differences
    • o Industry variation
  • • Experience needed
    • o 1-5 years
    • o 5-15 years
    • o More than 15 years
  • • Breadth of stake holders
    • o Certified and actively preforming the job role
    • o Academicians
    • o Informed consumers/ asset owners
    • o Supervisors

What individuals are not eligible for exam development?

  • • Those who are involved in NACE Education or deliver training
    • o Certification exam does NOT measure what was taught/learned in the training
    • o Exam measures what is minimally required to perform a job role.

NII Exam Development Process


How to volunteer:

  1. Create your profile on NACE Volunteer Manager
  2. Search volunteer opportunities by “Exam Development” in the Volunteer Interest field
  3. Or Select Area of interest and be notified when opportunities become available.

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