Understanding your Certification Ethics Responsibilities

Following the rules of ethics shows a confirmation of your dedication to the integrity of your certification card. Not only does it maintain the customer’s confidence in the services that you provide, but it ensures continued quality of the NACE Institute Certification Program.

What are some of the principles you should follow as a NACE International Institute certification holder?

  • Keep confidential any questions that appear on your certification exam.
  • Give first consideration in your corrosion control work to public safety, welfare and protection of the environment
  • Apply yourself with diligence and responsibility to the corrosion control work that lies within your area of competence
  • Pursue your work with fairness, honesty, integrity and courtesy, ever mindful of the best interest of the public, your employer and your fellow workers
  • Represent yourself to be proficient or make recommendations only in phases of corrosion work in which you are qualified by knowledge and experience
  • Avoid and discourage untrue, sensational, exaggerated, and/or unwarranted statements regarding your work in oral presentation, written text, and/or advertising media
  • Inform clients or employers of any conflicts of interest that might influence your judgement


Ethics FAQ’s

What are some examples of ethics violations?
  • Claiming to be NACE Institute Certified when you are not
  • Advertising yourself to be certified at a higher level than you actually are
  • Having a conflict of interest on the job and failing to report it
  • Disclosing any exam questions or exam content to another individual
How could an ethics violation affect my career?
  • Potential loss of job
  • Your employers project could be put in jeopardy
  • You could be putting your coworkers at risk
  • Your customers lose faith in the quality of your products and services
  • Your reputation could be tarnished, which will affect future career endeavors
What are the implications of getting caught not following the rules of ethics?
  • If a complaint is filed against a certification holder, an investigation is opened through the NACE International Institute Policy and Practices Committee. The Committee reviews the case and asks for a response from the person being complained against.
  • If the person with the complaint filed against them is found to be “guilty” of violating NII ethics, the Committee is then able to act upon disciplinary actions, which may include revoking an active certification, up to banning the person from holding any NACE International Institute certifications in the future.
Why does NACE International Institute care about ethics?
  • Ethics violations hurt the integrity of the program, the industry and customer perception
  • Lack of ethics by certification holders decreases the value of your certification and can impact people’s lives, the environment, and customer ROI
How can you file a complaint against someone in violation of the ethics rules?
  • Send, in writing, the full complaint with as many details/documentation as possible to the NACE International Institute Executive Director at helena.seelinger@nace.org
  • Visit the Guides and Policies page for additional information

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